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Hobbies in Korean – Vocabulary for your favorite activities

Tue, 2021-08-17 07:37

Talking about things that you like to do can be fun. This makes learning about hobbies in Korean helpful when talking to a new Korean friend. Hobbies can be one big topic to cover, so you won’t run out of things to talk about!

If you’re new to learning the Korean language, start by covering the Korean alphabet. That way, learning hobbies in Korean will be far easier!

Hobbies in Korean

The word hobby is translated as 취미 (chwimi) in Korean. This is the first word you need to know before we dive into learning words for specific hobbies.

In this lesson, you will be learning the most common hobbies in Korean. In addition, we’ll teach you some simple Korean phrases too.

What are Korean hobbies?

Koreans are fond of doing different things as a hobby. They enjoy outdoor activities like playing sports, hanging out at coffee shops, or shopping. However, indoor activities like watching Korean dramas or movies, texting their friends, and eating good food are highly enjoyed by many too! These interests are just a few, and there are plenty more things that are fun to do for Koreans, and we’ve enumerated them below.

List of hobbies in Korean

People may have different interests and things they find enjoyable. This way, it’s also fun to meet new friends we share similar hobbies with. Check out the words below and see if one or some of these are hobbies. Now, let’s get to learning!

Common words on hobbies

Here is some common vocabulary on typical Korean hobbies. These hobbies are usually part of one’s routine and are usually a means of relaxation for some. Language learning like what you’re doing now falls under this category too!

EnglishKorean hobby취미 (chwimi) reading독서 (dokseo) cooking요리 (yori) watching movies영화보기 (yeonghwabogi) watching TV티비보기 (tibibogi) watching dramas드라마보기 (deuramabogi) surfing Internet인터넷하기 (inteonethagi) learning배우기 (baeugi) language learning언어 베우기 (eoneo beugi) blogging블로깅 (beulloging) spending time with friends친구하고 시간을 보내기 (chinguhago siganeul bonaegi) Hobbies related to music

You might be part of a band, playing one or more instruments, or you just love music. If so, you might find your hobby below. These hobbies often involve the use of a musical instrument or simply your voice.

EnglishKorean listening to music음악듣기 (eumakdeutgi) singing노래하기 (noraehagi) piano피아노 (piano) guitar기타 (gita) drums드럼 (deureom) violin바이올린 (baiollin) trumpet트럼펫 (teureompet) saxophone색소폰 (saeksopon) Hobbies related to art

Art covers different kinds of hobbies, from photography to pottery. Hobbies related to arts are often an expression of one’s emotions and talents too. Apart from the process, one of the best things about these hobbies is the handiwork that you get to use or keep!

EnglishKorean drawing, painting그림 (geurim) pottery도예 (doye) calligraphy서예 (seoye) papercrafts지공예 (jigongye) embroidery자수 (jasu) woodwork목공 (mokgong) sewing바느질 (baneujil) knitting, crochet뜨개질 (tteugaejil) photography사진 찍기 (sajin jjikgi) model building모형 만들기 (mohyeong mandeulgi) jewelry making귀금석 제조 (gwigeumseok jejo) collecting stamps우표 수집 (upyo sujip)

Hobbies related to sports and activities

Sports and other activities are usual hobbies that people enjoy. These can either be done outdoors or indoors.

EnglishKorean chess체스 (cheseu) games게임 (geim) video games비디오게임 (bidiogeim) board games보드게임 (bodeugeim) walking산책 (sanchaek) jogging조깅 (joging) running달리기 (dalligi) cycling자전거타기 (jajeongeotagi) fishing낚시 (naksi) hiking등산 (deungsan) camping캠핑 (kaemping) traveling여행 (yeohaeng) birding조류 관찰 (joryu gwanchal) volunteering자원봉사 (jawonbongsa) swimming수영 (suyeong) dancing춤 (chum) taekwondo태권도 (taegwondo) soccer, football축구 (chukgu) basketball농구 (nonggu) volleyball배구 (baegu) baseball야구 (yagu) table tennis탁구 (takgu) golf골프 (golpeu) tennis테니스 (teniseu) badminton배드민턴 (baedeuminteon) exercising운동하기 (undonghagi) watching sports스포츠보기 (seupocheubogi) archery양궁 (yanggung) billiard당구 (danggu) horseback riding승마 (seungma) ice skating스케이트 (seukeiteu) skiing스키 (seuki) snowboarding스노보드 타기 (seunobodeu tagi) surfing서핑 (seoping) scuba diving스쿠버 다이빙 (seukubeo daibing) skateboarding스케이트보드 타기 (seukeiteubodeu tagi) yoga요가 (yoga) pilates필라테즈 (pillatejeu) Verbs to use when talking about hobbies in Korean

Hobbies are associated with actions, whether they are passive or active. Below, we have also listed some common action words often used when talking about a hobby.

EnglishKorean to draw, to paint그리다 (geurida) to listen듣다 (deutda) to watch보다 (boda) to like좋아하다 (joahada) to dislike싫어하다 (sileohada) to do하다 (hada) to make만들다 (mandeulda) to read읽다 (ilda) to play; to hit, to strike치다 (chida) to ride, to take, to get on타다 (tada) to play an instrument악기를 연주하다 (akgireul yeonjuhada)

Useful phrases about hobbies in Korean

Hobbies are a common conversation topic when meeting someone for the first time or getting to know someone. If you’re planning to meet Korean friends soon, it’s useful to have questions and phrases about hobbies in Korean on hand.

Here are some questions and phrases in Korean that you can use during a conversation you’ll have about your hobby.

How to ask about hobbies in Korean?

Here are some questions about hobbies that you might encounter or you can ask your Korean friend:

EnglishKorean What is your hobby? / What are your hobbies?취미가 뭐예요?
(chwimiga mwoyeyo?) What do you like to do?뭘 하는 걸 좋아해요?
(mwol haneun geol joahaeyo?) Do you like cooking?요리하는 걸 좋아해요?
(yorihaneun geol joahaeyo?) What do you like to do for fun?재미로 뭘 하는 걸 좋아해요?
(jaemiro mwol haneun geol joahaeyo?) What do you do in your free time?시간 남을 때 뭐해요?
(sigan nameul ttae mwohaeyo?) What do you like to do in your free time?자유시간 있을 때 뭐하는 걸 좋아해요?
(jayusigan isseul ttae mwohaneun geol joahaeyo?) Can you play any musical instrument?악기를 연주할 수 있어요?
(akgireul yeonjuhal su isseoyo?) Can you do any sports?스포츠를 할 수 있어요?
(seupocheureul hal su isseoyo?) How to talk about hobbies in Korean?

To answer the questions above, you can practice on these phrases:

EnglishKorean My hobbies are...제 취미는 X예요/이에요.
(je chwimineun Xyeyo/ieyo.) My hobby is traveling.제 취미는 예행이에요.
(je chwimineun yehaengieyo.) I like...X 좋아해요.
(X joahaeyo.) I like watching movies.영화보기 좋아해요.
(yeonghwabogi joahaeyo.) I like to sing.저는 노래하는 걸 좋아해요.
(jeoneun noraehaneun geol joahaeyo.) I like to do X for fun.재미로 X하는 걸 좋아해요.
(jaemiro Xhaneun geol joahaeyo.) I like taking photos for fun.재미로 사진 찍는 걸 좋아해요.
(jaemiro sajin jjingneun geol joahaeyo.) I like to read books in my free time.자유시간 있을 때 책을 읽는 걸 좋아해요.
(jayusigan isseul ttae chaegeul ingneun geol joahaeyo.) I play the piano every day.저는 매일 피아노를 쳐요.
(jeoneun maeil pianoreul chyeoyo.) I cannot do X well.저는 X를 잘 못해요.
(jeoneun Xreul jal mothaeyo.) I can't play football well.저는 축구치기를 잘 못해요.
(jeoneun chukguchigireul jal mothaeyo.) I don't like swimming.저는 수영하기를 싫어해요.
(jeoneun suyeonghagireul sileohaeyo.)

Wow! There are so many things you might love doing and many different but simple ways to describe them. Now that you know how to talk about your hobby in Korean, you have yet another topic you can talk with your Korean friends about. And why not practice already below in the comment section by telling us about your favorite hobby? Don’t forget to check our blog for more fun topics in learning Korean!

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The GuruShots Exhibition in Seoul

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It has been a long time since I have been to a gallery and especially one that was showing one of my images. However, this past weekend, the Art Delight Gallery in Itaewon, Seoul was showing the winning images from two GuruShots challenges.

Gurushots showcased the amazing images from the ‘Portrait Photographer of the Year’ & ‘My Ultimate Exhibition Shot’ challenges in a double edition exhibition held at Art Delight Gallery in Seoul. While the COVID restrictions were a bit of an obstacle, I hope that people were able to check out the amazing images in the gallery. All of the photos were simply amazing!

If you are not familiar with GuruShots, they are a digital platform that allows photographers from around the world to submit their work for a variety of thematic photo challenges that open every day. Winning pieces are selected to be shown in GuruShots Exhibitions which are held in major cities across the globe each and every weekend, from New York, London and Stockholm, to Johannesburg, Hanoi, Melbourne, and now Seoul.

This exhibition in Seoul featured the winning photos selected as part of two recent exhibition challenges. Visitors were able to view this remarkable collection of 80 unique printed works submitted by photographers spanning over 30 different countries, and a stunning collection of digital photos.

GuruShots’ mission is not only to help their best photographers expand their careers and gain exposure to larger audiences, but also to motivate, challenge, and inspire aspiring and beginner photographers. GuruShots is an innovative platform that is bringing the world’s art and technology spheres together in a truly unique way. I wrote about them in a blog post a little while ago. I find platforms like this, a great way to boost creativity and participate with photographers from all over the world.

The exhibition ran from 13th to 15th August, including the live facebook stream that I did on the opening night. Dylan Goldby was there to document whole whole event and there was even a photographer creating a 3D interactive Matterport site for the event.

All in all, the photos looked amazing and I was happy to see mine printed and hanging on the walls as well. It was also great to meet up with Dylan as I had not seen him for a long time and had just interviewed him the day before for the Sajin Photography podcast.

The bottomline here is that this event was reminiscent of a pre-covid time where photographers would gather and talk about the amazing photos on the walls and to touch base about the projects that they are working on. It was a little different live streaming the event and being pretty much alone in the gallery, but it was still a memorable night.

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The Test of Proficiency in Korean (known as TOPIK) is the most popular test for the Korean language. It's used as a certificate to prove that someone knows Korean, and can be useful on a resume, or just to show other people what you can accomplish.

But while the TOPIK can definitely be useful to students of Korean, then why didn't I take it before?

So I sat down with Forrest (a fellow online Korean teacher) and we discussed why someone might not want to take the TOPIK, as well as why someone would want to. We discussed in-depth some of the pros and cons of the TOPIK.

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[vocab] The words that start with 'ㅂ'

Fri, 2021-08-13 11:00

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Moving Sale

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Jesse Steele

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