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Eurozone first meeting

Webcast Academy - Tue, 2006-11-07 06:27

We had our first Eurozone meeting last night - sort of. Present, apart from me, were Anne Fox, Andrew Middleton and a bit later, saving the day, Jeff. It was the first Skype conference I had called and I realised, too late, that I didn't even know how to admit participants properly. Lesson 1 - Learn how to use Skype for conferences. I had planned for us to go to Huddle, but we didn't get there.


Nonetheless, we did manage to talk about virtual audio cables and we plan to make a screencast demonstrating how at least one of us has managed to configure everything correctly and stream, using one of the two sandpits.

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Euro mini meeting 06 11 06

Webcast Academy - Mon, 2006-11-06 21:33
Recording from Webcast Academy 1.3 euro mini meeting 06 Nov 06. Participants include Anne Fox, Dennis Newson, Andrew Middleton, Jeff Lebow. The recording is made in two parts. Participants encountered difficulties with Skype, and agreed to work together in understanding how Virtual Audio Cables fit into the Webcasting equation.
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Recording both ends of a Skype call

Webcast Academy - Mon, 2006-11-06 20:41

We've have just finished our Euro-mini meeting and we encountered several difficulties, but here's the good news! Jeff joined us and talked through the recording both ends task. In Windows,

  • Start > Virtual Audio Cables > Audio Repeater
  • Wave In: select your USB mic
  • Wave out: select the Stereo Mix (or WhatUHear) of your soundcard
  • In Audacity select Stereo Mix  (or WhatUHear) as source
  • Hit record!

Dennis, Anne and myself will record a screencast of this process too.

However, there was a question about whether we need the USB mic in this operation. Anne and I both noted that we have an external audio interface in addition to our internal soundcards. Optionally we think it ought to be possible to use those.

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Euro interns Meeting 1

Webcast Academy - Mon, 2006-11-06 18:44

We meet in just over 15 minutes.  My Skype account is:






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Meeting 1.3.3

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-11-05 23:20
Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.3
Sunday, Nov. 5, 2006
">Download mp3

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Skype Names

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-11-05 16:34

Shall we all (Class of 1.3) share our Skype names? I find it handy to see when a fellow classmate is online and it will help to build community and create more opportunities for collaboration and mutual help. I have had a couple of good spontaneous side type-chats with Andrew and Niels.

My skype name is: madeline_here


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Hate to complain, but . . . .

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-11-05 16:14

Is it possible that the Webcast Academy pages were created for a 17" or larger screen? I find it awkward to have to scroll both up/down left/right to see a full page when viewing the site on a 14" iBook. Is it me? It does NOT happen on worldbridges.net (it resizes with my screen). Or is it something outside my control? Sorry to sound like I'm complaining, I am ever so grateful for all the people behind the scenes who are making this happen.


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A log of my audio oddessy

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-11-05 01:44

I spent a good deal of time today experimenting with my audio settings.  A record of what I've done can be found in Google documents and spreadsheets

I used screenshoots to illustrate the settings I used.  If you would like to collaborate on this document just send me your email address and I will invite you to collaborate.  We may actually come up with something useful.

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Drupal tagging for better cross blog /forum structure

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-11-05 00:59
This page is using Drupal for the content management. One thing that I'm struggling with here in Drupal is whether I should post in my own blog, or start a New Forum Thread. Tagging could help make new constellations of postings. I found the tag cloud (in left menu), which helped me locate some topics, sorted in new blends. Could we develop a list of instantly suggested tags(such as when I tag in delicious) - A certain consistency in our shared tagging would ease the growing of fatter tags in the cloud. See what I mean? I'm sure I've not yet revealed and understood all necessary details about how to use Drupal - but it has a neat overview structure and I find it quite easy to create new content. However,I discovered that I am not allowed to create a nrew Forum, so I decided I would post it just here in my blog.

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Dual monitors working for me by now

Webcast Academy - Sun, 2006-11-05 00:10

Last Sunday i was struggling with having too many open windows with just one monitor. I'm currently working from my stationary PC but whan I was more frequently using my powerbook laptop, I enjoyed connecting a secondary monitor. And I do have two  19" monitors, so what am I waiting for! 

Bengt sent me some information about connecting dual monitors to a PC and I felt encouraged to work on this problem. It came out to be quite easy! My PC has an nVidia Video board with DVI-I dual link. I figured out that I needed a DVI male -VGA female 15 pin adaptor.  All I needed was to locate a vendor here in Denmark. Then ,I had to find the Monitor preferences and do the correct settings for primary and secondary monitor. Now it works well, and I am happy as a child.

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Dennis: Euro-zone Huddle meeting

Webcast Academy - Sat, 2006-11-04 08:31

Greetings those who would like to do a copycat meeting of last Wednesday's, which was at 01:30 GMT. (To make it clear - We won't be able to copy what that meeting did - different people with different competencies). Just to be definite, I'd like to suggest this coming

Monday 6 November

19:00 GMT


(If that isn't possible for someone, write so we can negotiate).


I suggest we do a mini Skype conference first, which I will start, and then plan to go to Huddle, if that seems worthwhile.

As I've noted before, my primary aim is to get help streaming. (Someone wrote that Huddle enables one to see particpants' desktops. That sounds interesting in this context, and potentially helpful.)

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Thinking about Web Huddle, Small Group Meetings, and the Academy - call for Nov.8th

Webcast Academy - Sat, 2006-11-04 05:12

It's time I posted about our Small Group Meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 1st, 20:30 EST.

I got a little nervous when 8:20pm rolled around and noone had poked their head in the webhuddle area but then soon after, names started appearing....whew, first hurdle over. I was thankful that Kathy took the reigns quickly and although she had never done a Skype conference before, she threw caution to the wind and set one up. Jeff also bridged from one skype conference (I believe) to Kathy's which I thought was very impressive but soon we all just stayed in Kathy's conference.

I learned alot about Skype Conferencing by listening to Kathy and Jeff set things up. I also discovered that my audio was causing grief to others so I had to be 'muted'....then eventually, when I tried to fix my audio, I completed turned myself off...well, audio-wise that is! We trouble-shooted using WebHuddle for a bit, where I showed my settings and others provided advice... and then Jeff suggested that I shut down Skype and come back...this did the trick, I was vocal again!

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Error on saving entry

Webcast Academy - Fri, 2006-11-03 23:38
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Thanks for tutorials

Webcast Academy - Fri, 2006-11-03 23:36
Thanks for the link to the tutorials (Audacity). I am working on going through them. I still need to get my act together and attempt a recording of both ends of a conversation.
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Recording a monologue (an introduction)

Webcast Academy - Fri, 2006-11-03 21:20
Webcasting Setup:

I thought I'd start my webcasters report with how I recorded my introduction.
H/W setup:
HP nx6120 notebook
60 GB HDD/1.25 GB RAM/15" TFT display
I used a reguler ($5) mic, that went into mic port of the laptop.
For recording I used Audacity, and set the sound source to 'Microphone' (The sound source appears on the controls at the top of the window just besides the volume settings).

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I'd like to thank the Academy...

Webcast Academy - Thu, 2006-11-02 22:21
You probably hear that phrase too often but I assure you it is heartfelt. Last night was very exciting for several reasons. Susan set up a WebHuddle and I set up a SkypeCast. for the first time. We all started in a WebHuddle chat and then migrated to the Skypecast. I learned that the Skype control panel participant list can come and go but the audio remains connected. I also learned why it's important to mute first because anyone can join your Skypecast and you don't always want to hear what they have to say! The great thing about webhuddle was being able to view participant's desktops.

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Comments from last night's meeting

Webcast Academy - Thu, 2006-11-02 20:37
Aside from some of the normal technical issues we run into running so many collaborative web apps at one time I think last night was a good first Wednesday night session.  Some of the things we came out with:

  • Always start your Skypecasts with visitors muted by default
  • Everyone should take time to get familiar with their friendly neighborhood sound card settings
  • We're going to set up a Moodle space under webcastacademy.com to help with the process of getting through the course requirements in a logical and organized manner
  • Hosting a show is much easier when you have a partner acting as your "engineer"
  • Susan did a great job!

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Soundcard woes

Webcast Academy - Thu, 2006-11-02 13:31

I'm thinking aloud here, but if you have any thoughts please comment.

I've recently bought a new, fairly high spec PC running Windows XP SP2. I have three sound capture devices attached: a SoundMax internal card that came with the PC, a Soundblaster Audigy that I've just added and an M-Audio Firewire 410 audio interface, which I have to record my own music. Sounds complicated. Now I also have Virtual Audio Cables which I suppose falls into this list. (VAC keeps saying "Test" btw?)

I was having problems with the SoundMax, hence the addition of the Audigy. The Firewire interface I regard as a separate issue. Everything can work - I just don't know when it will and when it will fail. I was in at the beginning of the small group meeting last night on the Skypecast and had tested Skype with our friend the Skype Lady before the meet. Everything was OK. Previously I had been using the Java-based Elluminate environment to play back some conference sessions. During our meeting I had Web Huddle running.

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