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bike tour and cultural experience

Mon, 2021-04-12 02:54
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2021 - 10:00Location: Event Type: 

Bike Tour and Cultural Experience in Busan 

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Toaster oven 20000 obo

Sun, 2021-04-11 13:36
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: NamcheonContact person by email

Selling toaster oven,

Some use but looks nice.

I got a bigger oven so selling this one, works great.

Comes with rack and tray

20,000 or best offer 

Located in Namcheon, willing to meet in surround areas.












20210321_203645.jpg 20210321_203720.jpg
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Spring Blossoms in Korea 2021

Sun, 2021-04-11 08:13

At long last, it feels like there is a change in the air. Well, looking at the amount of “fine dust warnings” on my phone, “air” is a relative term. However, spring is here and it is greatly welcomed. That also means that the cherry blossoms in korea have come out.

Winters in Korea are quite bland to say the least. Lifeless and banal, it is hard for even the most creative photographer to come up with a compelling image. For me, I struggle quite a bit. I often head out to the sea as I find that out on the seaside, it doesn’t change.

However, in the city and in the country, it really comes alive during the spring. That is greatly due to the amount of cherry blossom trees that can be found around the country. The floral bursts that line the paths and roads and dot the the once brown hills, are now popping with colour.

This season is not without its faults. The trees are sometimes looked upon as reminders of the Japanese colonial era. In the current time, they are a dangerous attraction as many couples and instagramers flock to take photos beneath the colourful trees. During a global pandemic this is not recommended at all.

Despite the numerous warnings, people still ventured out to enjoy the warmth of the spring season and the cherry blossoms in Korea. Places like Gyeongju were packed and I saw a number of similar images online indicating that there were a large number of photographers out this year too.

Ulsan, South Korea

As a photographer, I reluctantly went out a few times during this period to capture the beauty of the Korean landscape. During the pandemic you have to be cautious because so many people will go out to enjoy the blossoms and there is a high probability that there could be a 4th wave because of the warmer weather and crowds. At the time of this writing, numbers of infected patients are spiking across Korea.

With that being said, please enjoy some of my favorite images of the cherry blossoms in korea from this season and I hope at some point that things will get back to normal. Also this month I will be talking about the different aspects of cherry blossom photography on my podcast.

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Assorted 120 vac power supplies

Sat, 2021-04-10 10:28
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: GwanganContact person by email

I inherited these power supplies from a friend leaving Korea. I don't have a power transformer to make use of these. I've tested these items on a friends' power supply and all function properly. Items are all free as I hate to dispose of them and I'm hoping they can still find a home. Pick up is in Gwangan either at the subway station or nearby. Happy to answer any questions. No shipping.

20210410_190628.jpg 20210410_190831.jpg 20210410_191000.jpg 20210410_191111.jpg 20210410_191159.jpg 20210410_191405.jpg
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Grading your Korean #2 – Using advanced grammar | Billy Go

Fri, 2021-04-09 17:43

This is the second episode of my new series where I grade subscribers on their Korean abilities.

Today I'm grading Ryan and Kenji. Who should I grade next? There's info about how to send in your video in the video description.

The post Grading your Korean #2 – Using advanced grammar | Billy Go appeared first on Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean.





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UFO Sketch (2021)

Fri, 2021-04-09 08:04
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Wibongsa Temple – 위봉사 (Wanju, Jeollabuk-do)

Thu, 2021-04-08 23:25
A Look Through the Cheonwangmun Gate Towards the Iljumun Gate at Wibongsa Temple in Wanju, Jeollabuk-do.

This posts contains affiliate links. I receive a percentage of sales, if you purchase the item after clicking on an advertising link at no expense to you. This will help keep the website running. Thanks, as always, for your support!

Temple History and Myth

Wibongsa Temple is located on the south-eastern slopes of Mt. Wibongsan (557.8 m) in Wanju, Jeollabuk-do. There are a couple theories as to when, and by whom, the temple was first established. One theory states that Wibongsa Temple was first constructed in 604 A.D. by the monk Seoam-daesa during the reign of King Mu of Baekje (r. 600-641 A.D.). According to another source, Wibongsa Temple was created at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) by a man named Choi Yong-gak. According to this source, Choi Yong-gak was riding a horse one day, when he looked south. The land to the south looked like three phoenixes were wrapped around it.

Later, near the end of the Goryeo Dynasty, the famed monk Naong-hwasang (1320-1376) stayed at Wibongsa temple to rebuild and enlarge the temple grounds in 1358. Then in 1466, Wibongsa Temple was repaired by the monk Seokjam-daesa. In 1868, Wibongsa Temple was greatly expanded by the monk Poryeon-seonsa.

More recently, Wibongsa Temple has undergone extensive repair and rebuilding. In 1990, the Samseong-gak Hall was repaired. And in 1991, the Nahan-jeon Hall and the Iljumun Gate were built. Then in 1994, the Geukrak-jeon Hall, and the Amita-bul statue housed inside it, were constructed. Finally, in 2000, the Beomjong-gak (Bell Pavilion) was built, as well.

Wibongsa Temple is home to one Korean Treasure. The Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall is Korean Treasure #608.

Temple Layout

You first approach the temple grounds through the elevated Iljumun Gate. This top-heavy entry gate is the first among three at Wibongsa Temple. The Iljumun Gate at Wibongsa Temple is a beautiful example of Korean Buddhist entry gate architecture. The next gate you’ll pass through, which is just a few metres away, is the Cheonwangmun Gate. Housed inside this second entry gate are four somewhat stunned-looking statues of the Four Heavenly Kings. Next up, and just another few metres away, is the third temple entry gate at Wibongsa Temple: the Boje-ru Pavilion. Passing under the first floor of this rather long pavilion, you’ll gain admittance to the main temple courtyard at Wibongsa Temple.

To your immediate right, as you enter the main temple courtyard, is the rather large Beomjong-gak (Bell Pavilion). Also in this part of the temple grounds are the nuns dorms. And situated in the centre of the temple grounds is a large, mature twisted red pine.

Behind the mature red pine is the temple’s main hall, the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall, which is Korean Treasure #608. The Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall houses a triad of statues on the main altar. The central image is Yaksayeorae-bul (The Medicine Buddha, and the Buddha of the Eastern Paradise). Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall is believed to have first been constructed during the mid-Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) around the 17th century. Behind the main altar is a large all-white image of Gwanseeum-bosal (The Bodhisattva of Compassion). There are several older paintings spread throughout the interior of various Bicheon (Flying Heavenly Deities) playing musical instruments. And above the entry to the main hall hangs a large wooden nameplate that dates back to 1828.

To the right of the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall is the Nahan-jeon Hall. The exterior walls to this shrine hall are adorned with images of the Nahan (The Historical Disciples of the Buddha). And housed inside the Nahan-jeon Hall, and resting on the main altar, is a statue dedicated to Seokgamoni-bul (The Historical Buddha). This central image is then joined on either side by sixteen large wooden statues of the Nahan. And to the right of the Nahan-jeon Hall is the rather large Geukrak-jeon Hall.

To the left of the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall is the Yosa-jeon Hall and the Gwaneum-jeon Hall. It’s kinda a two for one deal with this I-shaped building. There are two lecture halls book-ending the central hall which is the Gwaneum-jeon Hall.

And to the left rear of the temple grounds is the Samseong-gak Hall at Wibongsa Temple. The colourful interior is complimented by the three shaman murals that hang inside this shrine hall. Of these three murals, look at the golden eyes of the tiger in the Sanshin (Mountain Spirit) mural, the age of the Chilseong (Seven Stars) mural, and the thought bubble-like space to the left of Dokseong’s (The Lonely Saint) head with a pair of birds flying around in this space. And still in the upper courtyard to the rear of the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall is the Wibong Seonwon for nuns to meditate in at the temple.

How To Get There

To get to Wibongsa Temple in Wanju, Jeollabuk-do, you’ll first need to go to neighbouring Jeonju. From the city of Jeonju, take local Bus #806 and get off at Wibong Village. From there, you can either walk or take a taxi (if you can locate one).

Or you can take Bus #814 or Bus #838 from Jeonju that let’s you off near the neighbouring Songgwangsa Temple. From this temple, you can either walk the distance (about six kilometres) or take a taxi (again, if you can locate one).

Overall Rating: 7/10

While beautifully situated under the mountainous peak of Mt. Wibongsan, Wibongsa Temple’s main highlight is the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall. With its beautiful main altar statues, the murals that decorate its interior, as well as the large all-white incarnation of Gwanseeum-bosal that adorns the reverse side of the main altar wall, it’s no wonder the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall is the main highlight to Wibongsa Temple. Additionally, the three entry gates and the shaman murals housed inside the Samseong-gak Hall are something to keep an eye out for while at this temple.

The beautiful Iljumun Gate at the entry of Wibongsa Temple. A look through the Iljumun Gate towards the Cheonwangmun Gate. Damun Cheonwang, one of the four Heavenly Kings, inside the Cheonwangmun Gate. A look towards the Boje-ru Pavilion, which is the third entry gate at Wibongsa Temple. The Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall, which is also Korean Treasure #608. A look inside the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall at the main altar. The all-white incarnation of Gwanseeum-bosal that adorns the backside of the main altar wall. One of the Bicheon (Flying Heavenly Deities) that adorns the interior of the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall. A look up at the Bogwangmyeong-jeon Hall from the Nahan-jeon Hall. Sanshin (The Mountain Spirit) mural inside the Samseong-gak Hall. Dokseong (The Lonely Saint) who also takes up residence inside the Samseong-gak Hall at Wibongsa Temple.
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Live Korean Class -- | [Advanced] ~다가는 Continuing Actions

Thu, 2021-04-08 21:18





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다(가) 말다(가) 하다 Stopping and Starting | Live Class Abridged

Wed, 2021-04-07 17:07

This is a summary of the grammar forms 다(가) 말다, and 다(가) 말다(가) 하다, which are intermediate level forms.

This video is edited from a full 1+ hour live class on YouTube, so if you feel it's moving too quickly then I recommend watching the original full version.

The post 다(가) 말다(가) 하다 Stopping and Starting | Live Class Abridged appeared first on Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean.





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Wonnie School 1-3

Wed, 2021-04-07 05:42

Instagram     YouTube

Hi 안녕하세요 I'm Won!
I hope this channel is helpful

Private Korean lesson (Conversation, Pronunciation, Writing etc)
You can check more detail on my Instagram page

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Samsumg Gear S3 frontier

Wed, 2021-04-07 03:19
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: SeomeyongContact person by email

 Gear frontier LTE  110,000 won 

works perfectly i used rarely

I including two straps . 

20210407_115828.jpg 20210407_115909.jpg
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2006 Hyundai Sonata NF LPG for sale mint condition 4.7 million won negotiable

Tue, 2021-04-06 13:30
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: Gunpo CityContact person by email


I am planning to leave Korea soon and would  like to sell this wonderfully reliable machine. The price is 4.7 million and you are welcome to come have a look anytime. Please contact me via kakaotalk~noi7050

Thank you,


20210404_134314.jpg 20210404_134216.jpg 20210404_133745.jpg 20210404_133736.jpg 20210404_133657.jpg 20210404_133602.jpg 20210404_133545.jpg 20210404_133533.jpg


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F6 Visa ESL Teacher Looking for Tuesdays Teaching Job

Tue, 2021-04-06 04:13
Classified Ad Type: Location: Neighborhood: Contact person by emailHello, I am an enthusiastic and highly skilled teacher with a F6 Visa and more than 14 years of experience teaching ESL for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and university students. I am currently looking for Tuesdays part-time teaching position. Let me know if you are interested and send me your email address, I will send you a resume and a profile picture. I will look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards.
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