We are currently building the Worldbridges Help Section.

Below are a few tips and screencasts that will hopefully answer some of the technical questions visitors may have when first participating in our live, interactive webcasts.

Joining the Text Chat Room
Most of Worldbridges sites use the same text chat room. You can enter it by clicking the chat room icon or menu link. Simply enter an ID and click 'login'. You do not need to register with the site and no password is required. It is a java based chat room, so if you are getting a 'plug-in' error, you can download the latest version of Java here
Listening to Live, Interactive Webcasts
Worldbridges streams live audio using a Shoutcast server. You should be able to listen with almost any media player including Real Player, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and Itunes. You do not need to use skype if you only want to listen (and not chime in) during one of our shows. For more information about listening to our webcasts, please check out our Listening Guide and Help Screencast .